Youngest violinist - Masha Marshon (11yrs old) with the Israel Philharmonic


Horizon - Inside the Dark Web (2014)

An excellent documentary on the privacy issues related to the internet and what are the things that you can use to protect yourself - encryption, onion routing (TOR)


Non Non Biyori - Original Soundtrack (Hidamari Michi to Ren chon)

So calming. Also:

"And they say that cannabis itself makes you paranoid! HA! I used to live in Louisiana, US, and I would get paranoid every time I smoked. I almost gave it up because of the "side effects".

I now live in Colorado, US (state where it is legal), and have not been paranoid since I moved here. I grow my own medicine, and just yesterday, I had 3 mature plants in the back seat of my car, stuck in traffic, and everyone around me could see it. A cop passed me, asked me to roll down my windows, asked me how many I have back there, I told him 3, and he just pulled off. The additude towards cannabis here is just so relaxed. I can’t wait until everyone else just sees how harmless of a drug it really is, and ends this stupid prohibition. People everywhere will be happier.”


I just watched Blue is the Warmest Color, I liked the movie, its high point was the acting by the two main characters I think.

Recently I also watched Silver Linings Playbook, it was so cute and sweet that I would say it is also a good movie, very light. I rewatched 5cm/s as well, and saw Broken Embraces a few weeks ago.

Recently watched:
Twisted Nerve (1968) and Lost In Translation (2003).

I loved Lost In Translation, it made me feel calm.


Alvaro Ybarra Zavala

In The Eternity of Sorrow. Colombia


The ongoing situation in Colombia is surely one of the most deeply forgotten of our times. The war there not only consists of the everyday reality of kidnapping and drug trafficking, but it is also a conflict that holds the sad record of having the highest figures of displaced persons and refugees in the world. This forgotten population has endured nearly 50 years of civil war. It is a population which has become accustomed to living through long-term conflict, which in itself has concealed this war even more, both within Colombia and in the eyes of the outside world. (from artist statement)

Kanashimi no Belladonna. Honestly, it bored me very much this one.